5 Reasons Why Video Ads Are the Future of eCommerce

5 Reasons Why Video Ads Are the Future of eCommerce

5 Reasons Why Video Ads Are the Future of eCommerce

Video ads are a new and effective way of advertising eCommerce businesses. Many online companies have seen changes in their ROI when they adopt this trend.

If you are still trying to make up your mind on which advertising method to invest more into and want to see huge returns. In that case, it matters little which medium you want to use—video ads already dominate the main spaces like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

You must have seen numerous video adverts as an online merchant and wondered, “Why are video ads becoming so popular? Why do many people opt for them?”

The truth is that the statistics for video content and ads have been rising impressively.

But let’s not just talk about statistics; let’s dive right into why video ads are so important in 2022 and why you should use them too.

Why video ads are the future of eCommerce

1. Video ads are more engaging:

Video ads use sounds and movements to reach out to audiences. Video ads have proven through tests to work best for online audiences. YouTube is worth over $160 billion, and its primary content is videos. Not only has YouTube consistently used video content to bring people to it, but Instagram, TikTok and other social media are investing more in their video programs.

This informed change in direction is because people find engaging with videos more accessible than written content or images.

Based on an article by Bridtv.com, videos help convey more transparent images and increase time spent on your page.

For example, if you own a fashion wear store, a video of a loyal customer or influencer wearing an outfit from your store is more likely to get people to buy from you than pictures will. Videos give a clearer view of the product and can easily direct people to where they can buy.

2. Humanises your brand:

With rising distrust and increased internet fraud, it’s no news that customers want to feel connected to brand owners and merchants. They want to feel like they know you before they buy from you.

Videos make that happen, as they build that connection with your customers, helping them relate to you on a human level.

YouTube entrepreneurs are nothing if not evidence of this. These entrepreneurs create educational content that solves problems and builds connections between them and their customers.

If YouTubers could use this, it’s only fair that merchants could, too.

3. Video contents are memorable and shareable:

Think about the last video you watched. How much of it can you reproduce without rewatching the video? Think of the last image you saw or the article you read. How much of that can you reproduce without having to view or read it again?

Scientific articles like “Memorising strategies“, by Learning Center, and “Memories and Sense” , by Grimstad, prove that the more senses are used to engage with a piece of content,, the more memorable an event or piece of advertisement is.

4. A better way to educate your audience:

Your audience constantly needs information, like advice on combining outfits and colour combinations that work well. Videos help boost your efforts by using multiple senses with a touch of humanisation.

Moreover, most people are likely to click on your video over images because watching a video is less stressful than scrolling through images or texts.

5. Videos improve conversion rates:

With the four facts above, it’s unsurprising that your conversion rate is more likely to increase with videos. When potential customers relate to your message, it establishes trust and assures them that buying from you is the right decision. This happens after you’ve solved one of their problems.

Let’s take a look at our fashion store example. Suppose you do a video combining different tops and a particular pair of jeans. It would be far easier to show your audience where they can get those tops and jeans. Potential customers are more likely to purchase from you since you’ve proven to know your niche.

Now, let’s make a video ad.

How to create an effective video ad:

Making a video is not rocket science; it’s pretty simple with some help.

Following these five steps, you can create compelling videos that convert sales.

  1. Capture your audience’s attention: Capturing your audience is crucial, especially within the first five seconds. Simple questions about their problem or a statement directed at your audience are more than enough to get them to stop and watch your ad.
    However, you must know what your audience wants and how your product/video can provide that for them.
    For instance: Imagine how much better your ads would be coming from your loyal customers, shared on their accounts with other potential customers of your business.
    Businesses looking to advertise their business on social media or through influencer marketing might be interested the minute they see this. It captures the interests of anybody that understands the worth of testimonials by popular customers.
  2. Keep it simple: Always remember you’re speaking to people with hundreds of items fighting for their attention. You should always have their attention on you. Keeping your video simple helps them understand you with less stress and propels them to continue.
    Again circling back to our previous example, Influencer marketing is a proven method for popular social media users to share your products and get them in front of their fans.
    However, influencer marketing can be more: It can be your customers, who have used your products and loves them, talking about it with their trusted followers.
    How do you find these customers?
    Each sentence here draws your viewers further into the next few seconds of the video, and anyone who stumbled onto your video but is not a part of your target audience already knows it’s not for them.
  3. Give to your audience: Giving is the best way of receiving. Stores that give discounts or one-time offers notice an increase in sales. Online, you can provide information and solve problems.
    Using our previous example, you can go through the process of tracking down your customers and begging each and everybody who buys a product from your shop to share their thoughts on that product or use L!NK which is much easier.
  4. Keep it short: Your audience doesn’t want to spend hours watching ad videos. Even when seeking solutions, they are looking for quick and straightforward answers. They want to get in, know if it’s something that helps them, and get it, or if it’s not, leave.
    Continuing our example, L!NK is an influencer marketing application that helps you gather authentic product reviews from your most popular customers. The app finds your most regular customers and turns them into brand ambassadors for you, driving sales to your page and making you money.
  5. Use professional equipment: If you’re going to make videos to draw customers, you should invest in professional tools like a video recorder, a microphone, and video editing software to make a video like the one on our Shopify App.

Video ads and content are not going anywhere soon, so if you still have one foot out the door, you need to do this now and learn the best ways to optimise videos to drive your eCommerce sales through the roof.

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