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Turn happy customers into brand ambassadors!
L!NK is an eCommerce app that reveals your customers who are popular on social media, and helps advertise your shop through authentic reviews and testimonials.

Happy customers become your brand ambassadors!

Discover in real time who are your most popular customers and advertise on Instagram through authentic reviews and testimonials.

Get powerful reviews on Social Media.

Over 75% of online shopping in the UK is done after consulting reviews from other consumers and Influencers.

Boost sales using a much smaller budget.

Who better to talk about your products than your own customers? Creators who love your brand are 7 times more likely to accept a free collaboration.

About L!NK

We help you find & engage with those happy popular customers!

And, also with our help, you can turn them into your brand ambassadors, building a strong team of partners to grow your business organically, day by day and month by month.

Grow with L!NK

Grow your Store in 3 easy steps

Install & Customise the App
Our App is using a unique proprietary algorithm who aggregates complex data in real time and divides the details about each customer into 40 analysis points. The process respects the confidentiality of data and complies the European laws.
Discover Your Popular Customers
L!NK saves time and money! You don’t have to convince an influencer who has never heard of your store to work together. And the budgets are usually much smaller when they are already buying it.
Collect Reviews on Autopilot
Our App helps you to put marketing processes “on autopilot”. Online reviews are the number one reason for the purchase decision, and helping a consumer make the purchase decision is a must have in online commerce.

Grow your sales with the help of influencers who already love your products!


Grow your business using relevant Influencers
  • Find Influencers who are your customers
  • Influencers from 44 European countries
  • Free initial scan for up to 3000 orders


Grow your business using relevant Influencers
/ month
  • All from FREE plan
  • Scan up to 1000 orders
  • Realtime continuous scanning


Scalable and efficient all-in-one solution
/ month
  • All from STARTER plan
  • Scan up to 5000 orders
  • Realtime notifications

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