Top 10 Marketing Tips For Shopify Stores

Top 10 Marketing Tips For Shopify Stores

Top 10 Marketing Tips For Shopify Stores

If you’ve been selling on Shopify, you must have realised that building your store is the first step to becoming a successful merchant.

As of 2022, over 1.7 million businesses are registered on Shopify alone. There are hundreds of distractions pulling customers away from your store. You need all the advantages you can get to set your store apart.

This article will provide you with:
• 10 Shopify Marketing tips for setting your Shopify Store for success
• Bonus tips to boost customer’s experience

Marketing Tips for Your Shopify Store At a Glance:
1. Create Abandon Cart Recovery Campaigns
2. Reach Out with Email Campaigns
3. Use Push Notifications
4. Start Loyalty Programs
5. Affiliate and Influencer Marketing Campaign
6. Add Your Instagram Page to Your Shopify Store
7. Run Paid Ads
8. Write Blog Posts/Articles
9. Consider Content Marketing
10. Consider Brand Collaboration

1. Create Abandon Cart Recovery Campaigns

Abandon Cart Recovery Campaign is a great way to boost your Shopify store sales. Abandon cart recovery campaigns are used to remind shoppers who already displayed interest in your product but never completed the order. You can reach your potential customers and bring them back with well-written emails, paid ads, or pop notifications.

Steps to Create a Successful Abandoned Cart Recovery Campaign:
Step 1: Identify your audience
Step 2: Decide which medium to use (emails, paid ads, or push notifications)
Step 3: Decide on an enticing offer
Step 4: Craft message across various channels

2. Reach Out with Email Campaigns

Most shoppers buy based on a connection to a brand, and one way to build a strong connection with customers is through well-crafted emails. Don’t fret if your business isn’t the type where you have to reach out to customers consistently. Sending helpful tips or promotional messages about your latest offers and discounts they might be interested in can change your store’s story.

How to Run a Successful Email Campaign:
• Build a targeted list
• Know your goal and audience
• Craft personalised emails
• Create follow-ups

3. Push Notifications

Statistics show that 28% of shoppers who click on push notifications make purchases. This makes it one of the best marketing strategies for your Shopify store. Push notifications are those notifications that appear on the screen of users who have installed your app.

How to Create Successful Push Notifications:
• Pique interest
• Align Notification with your in-app
• Don’t spam
• Personalise your notifications

Check out these ten effective push notifications.

4. Start Loyalty Programs

Another great way to improve sales in your Shopify store is through customer loyalty programs. Loyalty programs use reward systems to keep customers engaging with your brand. Offering simple rewards such as discounts, purchasing points, or free products can get your customers to engage with your brand, fill out surveys, or refer friends.

Tips for a Successful Loyalty Program:
• Offer unique rewards
• Keep it simple and easy
• Offer more value the more they engage
• Promote

5. Affiliate and Influencer Marketing Campaign

Affiliate (and Influencer Marketing) is/are an excellent way to market your Shopify store. It’s when you get creators to sell your products and pay them only after successful sales. Influencer Marketing differs from Affiliate Marketing, but both use promotions done by others to drive sales to a business page.

How to Run a Thriving Influencer Marketing Campaign:
• Set a campaign goal
• Find the right influencers
• Reach out to influencers
• Collaborate with influencers
• Not sure how to find the perfect brand influencers? Let us help you!

6. Add Instagram Feed to Your Shopify Store

Integrating Instagram feeds with your Shopify store is another way to market your brand. When customers see your product on a feed, they are likelier to buy as it proves people are using your product and love it enough to post about it. Think about the last time you bought something and felt the world needed to hear how excellent that product was.

How to Get People to Post Your Product on Instagram:
• Give free products
• Make requests to existing loyal customers
• Engage with customers and potential customers

7. Run Paid Ads

Thanks to PPC (Pay Per Click), advertising has become inexpensive. Years ago, we had to pay thousands of dollars to get our product shown on screens and billboards, but now, no matter your budget, you can start advertising to your target audience and only pay when they show interest in your brand.

How to Run a High-Converting Advert:
• Determine your audience
• Determine the medium (Google or Social Media)
• Be super specific in choosing keywords
• Craft a compelling message
• Create Campaign

8. Write Blog Posts/Articles

Have you considered blogging? Blogging is a short and long-term strategy for marketing your Shopify store online. It’s about creating valuable online articles on specific topics your target audience might be interested in, like this one you’re reading now.

How to Get Started with Blogging:
• Determine the topics your customer, and potential customers are interested in
• Choose your topic
• Perform keyword research
• Craft informative articles

9. Consider Content Marketing

Content Marketing is relatively broader than blog posts and articles. It involves all forms of online content, strategically creating them to maximise brand reach. It’s different from paid advertising but involves the free content we give out to customers to help them solve problems and build loyalty.

10. Consider Brand Collaboration

Collaborating with other brands might be just what you need to promote your brand. You don’t have to see other Shopify stores as competitors. For instance, if you sell women’s dresses, you could collaborate with a store that sells jewellery.

Bonus Tip:

Personalisation is a significant factor in every marketing plan. People buy when they feel a connection to a particular brand. They want to feel like your story is speaking to them before they buy from you.

So, if you’re looking to market your store in the way that sells, you need to make it about your customers.

Selling on Shopify is not as easy as most would have you believe. It requires professional tools and skilled planning to reach out to potential customers in a world where noises constantly pull their attention away from you. But with our top 10 marketing tips, you can set your Shopify store up for success!

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