Why Your Shop’s Customers Are Your Best Ambassadors

Why Your Shop’s Customers Are Your Best Ambassadors

Why Your Shop’s Customers Are Your Best Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors are essential to every business, whether online or offline. Choosing the right one to represent your business is just as important as selecting a brand image, goal, and idea.

In this article, you will learn:
– Who is a brand ambassador, and what to expect from them
– How to find the best ambassadors for your brand
– Why your shop’s customers are your best brand ambassadors

Who Is A Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador is exactly what the word means. They represent your business and speak to people about it, both offline and online. Sometimes the terms of someone beyond just a brand is who your potential customers need to trust your brand. A brand ambassador is that person.

A brand ambassador can be anyone, from your employees to your loyal customers. There are no fixed expectations from them beyond spreading the news about your brand and giving potential customers a retable face.

What To Expect From A Brand Ambassador

There are two types of expectations from a brand ambassador.
1. What you expect
2. What your customers expect

What You Expect From A Brand Ambassador

Team skills: Your brand ambassador should be able to work with your marketing, and PR team, and other necessary teams in your company. That way, their message, and your brand messages align.

Interpersonal skills: Another important skill you should search for is the ability to build relationships with others. As I mentioned in our previous article, “Top Ten Marketing Tips For Shopify Stores”, people buy connections before buying your product. The brand ambassador you choose should be able to create that connection.

Proactiveness: A brand ambassador should not be someone your potential market only see when they advertise your brand. Social Media is like a community; if your brand ambassador is not an active member of society, other members will find it difficult to take his word for it.

Positive representation: This is the most important. As a brand, you always expect your ambassador to speak positive things about your brand since they represent you out there.

What Your Customers Expect

As opposed to what you expect your brand ambassador to do, and be, your customers expect some things differently.

Authenticity: Unlike you, who expect only positive things from your ambassador, your customers are looking for something more genuine. Don’t get me wrong, your product can be that good where all there is to say about it are good things, but with adverts constantly flooding the media, people run away from things with the appearance of advertising.

Take, for instance, your ambassador posts a video of them wearing a black shoe they got from your store, and they talk about how much they would love a red colour to match their favourite dress, but sadly it would only be available from next Thursday. Take this against another who only praises your brand, and consistently urges people to buy.

Note: It’s okay for your ambassadors to say only good things about your brand, as long as they are authentic, and not salesy.

Knowledgeability: Most times, when customers buy because an ambassador recommended you, they are more likely to meet the ambassador for answers to their questions than your brand page. They expect your ambassador to know their needs better than you, and help them with any challenge they might face.

How To Find A Brand Ambassador

I’ve divided the ways to find your brand ambassadors into two: The wrong way, and the best way. Both of them work, but you will find out why I separated them soon enough.

Finding Brand Ambassadors The Wrong Way

Finding an exemplary brand ambassador is one of the most critical tasks for any brand. The wrong way to do this is through social media, hunting for people willing to represent your brand.

The steps seems simple:
1. Post on Social Media
2. Find people willing to work with your brand
3. Educate them, and collaborate

Best Way To Find Your Brand Ambassador

The most crucial thing in a brand ambassador is their connection with your brand. It’s also the key difference between an ambassador and an influencer. If you wish to run an influencer marketing campaign, you can search for influencers on social media willing to share your product with their audience, but if you’re searching for a face for your brand for the long term, you need loyal customers.

Loyal customers who have already used your product, and loved it are the best brand ambassadors. Why?

Why Your Shop’s Customers Are Your Best Ambassadors?

They know more about your product: From the customers’ perspective, loyal customers know more about your product. They know the pain points that your product has helped them solve, and are genuinely grateful for it.

They are the most authentic: Because they love your product so much and have used it, they can boldly say positive things about it and convince your market to buy from you.

They know your target market: While you might have a buyer’s persona, and try to understand your buyers, your loyal customers are your buyers and have lived in potential customers’ shoes. Their knowledge is indispensable when relating with potential customers to buy from you.

They speak your customers’ language: Your loyal customers can be the bridge in the communication gap between you and your potential customers. They were once potential customers; therefore, they know precisely how to speak to those there now and carry them from the potential customers’ group into loyal customers.

How To Find Loyal Customers To Be Brand Ambassadors

Most brands find it challenging to find the right customers to represent them, leading to poor representation or conflicting brand messages. This is why we have created an app to help solve this problem.

L!NK is designed with the idea of finding your loyal customers and turning them into ambassadors for you. We identify popular customers on Social Media and save you from choosing the wrong person.

A brand ambassador is vital to the brand image. Whatever they say reflects on your brand, and choosing the right ambassador is as important as maintaining a good brand image.

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